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(5) 2020 Thank You Forever Stamps - 20 Stamp Sheets ( 100 Stamps )

(5) 2020 Thank You Forever Stamps - 20 Stamp Sheets ( 100 Stamps )

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Product Key Features

Color:                  Multi    
Denomination:    Forever Stamp
Type:                   Sheet (1 sheet of 20PCS)

Issue Date:  August 21, 2020

"I know what you have done for me and I think on you favorably," was the sentiment expressed in old English when "thanks" was in order.  Over the years, like many other expressions, it has been shortened to one or two words.

There are many ways to say "thank you," some of these being A"cheers," "much obliged," and "I'm grateful."  These short phrases don't always fully articulate the depth of the gratitude meaning to be expressed.  it is in these instances where a thank-you note might be in order.

A thank-you note or letter gives the writer more room to express their gratitude.  inside this note, one can describe what an act of kindness or gift really meant.  It can also be used to share how it may have changed the day, how it will be used, or why it was needed.

Expressing gratitude doesn't have to be complicated.  And the United States Postal Service made doing so easier than ever when it issued four stylish Thank you stamps in 2020.


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